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((So I saw someone post a similar Zelgan art.

So I decided to post a better my kind of version of it. :3

art by sylphide2))


Aveil reclined back on the couch in the fortress’s meeting room, ankle perched on her knee and her foot swinging to a rhythm in her head. A bright green jewel danced in and out of her fingers, the light bouncing off of it beautifully.

"A trespasser?" Gold eyes slowly shifted to her second in command, expression rather bored. "Well, send them in."

What are you trying to pull here?!? 
If people hear the great pirates 
have lost the treasure they stole, we'll become the laughing stock!

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Headcanon #7

Aveil’s first relationship was with one of the other Gerudo girls at age 17. While it wasn’t anything serious, as both were new to such things. Surprisingly enough, their split about a year later was not messy, and the two are still good friends.

Headcanon #6

Aveil is greedy. She loves anything valuable, especially jewelry, gold, and rupees. While much of the riches they receive from missions goes to the Gerudo as a whole, she is known to keep a decent sized cut for herself, especially any jewelry.

Headcanon #5

Though she is rather selfish, the Gerudo pirates are her top priority. If it came down to choosing a treasure or the life of another Gerudo, she would not hesitate to choose the Gerudo. She would even sacrifice herself for one of her sisters.

Headcanon #4

Aveil is not afraid to kill someone she deems a threat or an enemy. She will not kill another person for sport, but get in her way or threaten her or her people, you may not survive your visit with her.